Friday, July 14, 2006

From chaos comes order... (and more chaos)

So after living here for a year and a half, Ines and I tackled the "guest room" last night which has been a catch-all room since the moment we moved into this house. I told her that I'd be aggressive with bringing order to that room meaning the chaos would move into another room. It did. The living room. So to remedy the madness of the living room (the guest room looks SWEET now!), I had to dissect the garage again pulling everything into the center in order to better ascertain where everything should go and thereby cleaning up the huge mess in the living room.

But, alas, as I sit here and type, there is one very fine guest room that looks better than ever before and two large masses of stuff in the living room/kitchen and garage. We're getting closer to order, but the moral of the story is that chaos does not go down without a fight!

One soon-to-be very sweaty order-maker,
Rob <><

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