Friday, November 09, 2007

~be moved by the MISERY~

Not a hand out, but a hand up. I heart sustainable-development worldwide! You give a family a goat, they raise it, milk it, sell the milk for income to get food and possibly an education for their kids, with the commitment that when that goat produces a baby goat, they will have to give it away to another family as a gift...and the circle of life continues!

I don't want anything for Christmas (if you were thinking of getting me something, maybe you weren't, but now you are....jaja!), but if you'd like to be moved by the misery and not just wish for "world peace", take action and buy a chicken, or goat, or bees, and give a family a gift for a lifetime! Just get me that sweater next year....

Visit my Heifer Project Holiday Gift Registry


Kimberly said...

...and I quote: "Chicks: A Good Choice"

Perhaps we should enourage all our fellow chicks to give a gift of chicks!

Ines said...

WOW! I like that! "Chicks giving chicks" or something...or does that sound weird?