Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Life without sugar...Day 3

The negative:
My head hurts.
Coffee doesn't taste nearly as good.
No more Cookies 'n Cream milkshakes from Chik-fil-A. :(
No Shakeys. :(

The positive:
I've overcome the temptation of a couple different cake offers.
My hands aren't sticky.
My teeth are healthier.
Other than a slight headache (probably due to low calorie intake today), I feel significantly better physically and emotionally.

The deal is that I woke up Sunday morning (Dec. 2) with the strange feeling that God was telling me to put down sweets for the month of December. Great timing, God! :) I have an insatiable affinity for all things sweet especially ice cream (anytime of year), homemade cakes, pies and cookies...oh yeah...and anything with the combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Seeing as how there will be LOTS of said food available this holiday season, I must put the brakes on before I get rolling. And by rolling, I mean a huge (huger) spare tire around my waist as well as a diminished self-image. Yes, guys struggle with that, too!

My fast guidelines
Not allowed: adding sugar to anything
(I'm a couple-of-teaspoons-in-my-
cup-of-coffee kind of guy),
sweets such as cookies, candy, cake, pie, ice cream, etc.
What is allowed: adding honey to my cup of tea, cereal and instant oatmeal that already contains sugar (because this is a self-control issue, not an oatmeal or cereal issue) :)

So here I am 3 days into my sugar/sweets fast, and everything seems ok, especially emotionally. I haven't felt any guilt that I normally associate with my somewhat regular impulsive splurges, and my energy level is good.

Ask me how I feel on Sunday. :)

In His grip,

Rob <><


Kimberly said...

WOW. Ok, I'm behind you on this (not with you, mind you, but definately behind you... all the way)! You're my hero.

familiabencomo said...

Goodness, cuz! I'm just curious to hear how this worked out for you. I know we share the curse of the Reid sweet-tooth.... You are much stronger than me. I'd never last 3 days!